El Macario

A Branding and identity project as a sub product of ALTER-NATIVE Hostel. We were asked to solve the identity for a speciality cafeteria.
El Macario is one of the first speciality coffee shops in Cuenca, Ecuador. 
The project was developed with the owners of the Hostel. Since they grew up in that neighborhood and house, wich is now the cafeteria, we wanted to work with the graphic and visual past of the family. We collected archival photographs of their family albums, stories and memories, that gave us the possibility to generate many of the graphic resources that later contrasted with the interior design of which we were a part of as well. 
The chromatic, materials and interior design are clean and minimalistic, achieving that every graphic and decorative detail lend importance to the instruments and machines to prepare a good espresso or a coffee made with filtering methods. 
Collaborators: Arq. Patricio Alvarez, Alternative Hostel, Dis. Carla Peñaherrera
Photography by: Fabiola Cedillo